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Dropfiles, best Joomla file manager

Dropfiles is simply the best tool to have when you're talking about file manager for Joomla: it's powerful and easy to use at the same time.
The AJAX interface save you a lot of time and allows you to manage a massive amount of files.

Now it comes with a Google Drive integration. 

Manage files from editor

No more need to go in a component and go back in a menu or in an article to manage files. You just need to create a category of file, drag and drop files, then insert your file or category right in your editor with a simple button.



Insert category of files in your content

Create a category of file, then insert your file or category right in your editor with a simple button. So you can insert file category and sub categories. it works in every editor and in HTML modules too.

category file insert


Manage single files in the same way

Avoid duplicate files and insert single file in your content in one click. Open Dropfiles, select a file and add it in your editor.

single file insert

Check bellow a file added from a category in the editor.


Order files and categories with drag'n drop

Dropfiles is the only tool on the market that offers a full dragn'drop interface to order files and categories. You can set categories order and level and file order in one click.

dragndrop files


File copy/move

Want to have a file into multiple categories or simply move it? it's as easy as making a drag'n drop to copy or move your files in any category.

file copy move


A lot of files? use the mass ordering system

If you want to setup the file ordering of a category in one click you can simply click on a column title, the ordering setting (right column) will be updated. Or you can use the right column file category setting to set the ordering type and way (ascending and descending).

file ordering


Dropfiles got themes

With Dropfiles you can apply themes on categories in one click. Each theme got it's own configuration, you can setup theme design in global option and override it in each file category.

themes files

Default theme demoTree theme demoTable theme demoGDD theme demo


File search and filtering

Dropfiles got a unique file search and filtering. The search view can be done through a menu or a module with a possibility to custom each view and to force some default search (like load a category). All the search are made through AJAX. Search queries can be filtered by categories, tags, date range of file upload, date range of file update.

Search results can be ordered by clicking on the column title and you can also open files from search results.

File search and filtering


File access restriction

Limit the file visibility: the file visibility on frontend can be limited using the Joomla ACL (access level) per category. You also have an option to limit file visibility per user.

Limit the file management: You can set authorized action per Joomla user group on your files. Dropfiles works the same for backend and frontend.

Want more? on frontend you got a dedicated template to manage your file in a full screen view.

file access group users


Frontend file management

Dropfiles have some dedicated features for the frontend file management. You can setup a dedicated menu to manage files from frontend. The actions on files like edit a file, delete a file, edit own files... can be set from the ACL configuration for each Joomla user group. Frontend dedicated template for a comfortable edition:

frontend file manager


File preview and player

Dropfiles got a preview tool for your files, the Google Drive one. Plus we've implemented our own previewer for images, video and audio files.



One click file update

In Dropfiles we have made the things easier for the final user, updating a file and replace it with a new one is just one click. Everything stay the same regarding the file info: name, version, description and statistics. And the latest version is backuped and can be downloaded in case of error.

File update


Remote download

You can manage files from distant server with the remote download feature. Add a file URL, title, description and you're done, you can manage remote file like any other file of yours.

Remote file



Google Drive integration

Dropfiles comes now with a Google Drive integration and a double way sync. It means that you can upload files in Google Drive folder and manage them in Dropfiles. On the other side you can upload files in Dropfiles category and manage them in Google Drive.

Google Drive category

Google Drive demo


Google Drive integration features:

  • Upload files in Joomla and find them in Google drive
  • Upload files in Google Drive and find them in Joomla
  • Upload file from desktop using Google Drive sync tool
  • Manage Google Drive folders as category of files
  • Define AJAX sync periodicity
  • Delete/Update files everywhere
  • File preview
  • Google doc preview and download (if allowed)


Dropfiles files manager demo


Google Drive integration demo


Dropfiles screenshots


  Order files with drag'n drop


  Main interface with categories, files and parameters. Files can be managed from article or editor


  Manage single file and insert it in your article


  Default theme with icon set


  Tree theme, the perfect one to display a massive amout of files


  GDD theme, based on Google Drive design


  Table theme with column filtering


  Backend table view with filter and ordering


  Force frontend file ordering by title, date, type, description, file size, version, hits


  Joomla file search plugin integration


  Connect and manage Google Drive files like Joomla files


  Double way sync: upload files in Joomla and get them sync in your file browser


  Files and information are displayed in Google Drive


  ACL permission by action, for example define a user group where user will be able to be able to edit only their own files


  Dropfiles parameters, set file size, file type,...


  Insert single file in content


  File and categories of files are materialized in your content


  Google preview tool


  File importer, import any file from your server folder in the Dropfiles category you want


Administration main features

  • Upload and display files in 3 click
  • Manage files, categories, file options, themes from the text editor (no need to go in the component)
  • File and categories are automatically opened on editor button click
  • Apply one of the 4 theme per category
  • Set category level and ordering using drag’n drop
  • Category accordion and compact interface to manage numerous files
  • File import from any other component or server folder
  • Order files with drag'n drop
  • Advanced ordering tool: order file by type, title, description, file size, date, version, hits
  • Advanced ACL for file administrators by action (create, update files, manage own files,...)
  • Column AJAX filtering in file listing
  • Define the display information in theme
  • K2 dedicated integration
  • HTML5 fast uploader
  • Create a theme easily, just duplicate a folder
  • jQuery compatibility parameters
  • Download and upload files from mobile devices
  • Mobile interface support

Frontend main features

  • Manage all files in the same way as in the backend
  • 4 responsive theme with icons set
  • Native Joomla ACL on files categories in one click
  • Google previewer tool integrated
  • SEO optimization with file rename and prefix option
  • Visual customization of each theme

Google Drive integration

  • Connect with your Google Drive account
  • Insert and manage Google Drive category of files
  • Files are uploaded in a dedicated folder and sub folder on your Drive
  • Upload files on Google Drive website folder and push the files on your Joomla website!
  • Title, version, description are also sync




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