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adds content

Yes that's true :) the definition content is displayed as HTML so the content is indexed in search engines

Hits: 1200
automatically activated

Yes, a plugin automatically activate tooltip in your content!
You can disable it globally or only on a page selection.
A click on the word bring you on the definition page.

Hits: 1274
easy to install

Install it as a package: component, plugins, modules

Hits: 1025
Entry alias

Using the Joomla default URL rewriting the entry term alias is added to the URL

Hits: 684
glossary view

Click on me to go to the extension component view!!

Hits: 1561
HTML in tooltips!

html5Yes, it's possible to add HTML content in tooltips :)

It includes any content: images...

Author: Tristan
Hits: 1142
others entries

In the component view you also have tooltips and so a definition can be linked to another one like in Wikipedia!

Hits: 694
single page

Adding a definition generate a page with term and definition

Hits: 603